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Success on multiple levels!! - "If I were a rabbit, where would I keep my gloves?" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The White Rabbit

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Success on multiple levels!! [Jun. 26th, 2008|01:36 am]
The White Rabbit

Tonight I saw 3 Inches of Blood, Hatebreed, and Type O Negative for the bargain price of $28 in Cincinnati with an old friend from my highschool years. There are no pictures documenting the evening because frankly, a mosh pit is not a healthy place for electronics. 
Peter Steele's years of metal are catching up with him, but when Alex elbowed me in the ribs to move my attention to the wings where Peter was staring out at the crowd, I swear to Dog I may have shit a brick. Well, my knees almost gave out anyway.
I was 20 feet from him the whole fucking time, got water thrown on me at the end when he was throwing random shit, and snagged this little beauty from a roadie which is going in my Concert Keepsakes box ironically next to the towel from the Hanson show-

DSCN0490.jpg picture by pinknoose

That's right, bitches. Peter Steele killed half a bottle of Jager out of this Grail of Solo Cups. And now it's mine, as creepy as that may be, it's mine.

Oh, and here's the Jedi pic from Espana-

DSCN0277-1.jpg picture by pinknoose

Yay metal!! Yay Star Wars!!


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